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The NFL season kicked off last week, so that means it’s time for our third annual Super Bowl contest. We have challenged bankers to predict the two teams who will make the Super Bowl and who will win. If anyone guesses correctly, we will award the winner with two tickets to see a regular season game of their choosing next season! (In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen on a final score guess.) We have had a past winner and hope to have another this season.

It seems some folks are trying to put a smile on Adam Eckels face by putting the Panthers back in the big game. They didn’t start too well though. Lot’s of Pats love too. So here we go…

Susan Dostal, Human Resources Officer, Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank
The New England Patriots Vs. The Arizona Cardinals. The Pats victorious 17 to 10.

Our next matchup would pit the “A” and the “J” at AJ Consultants against each other and could get ugly…

Eric Suss, EVP, Capital Bank
The Carolina Panthers Vs. The Pittsburg Steelers. Panthers victorious here…34 to 31.

Ray Lafond, SVP, Enterprise Bank
New England Patriots Vs. The Green Bay Packers. Pats on top 21 to 17.

Joe Baptista Jr., President Mechanics Cooperative Bank
The New England Patriots Vs. The Carolina Panthers. Patriots over the Panthers, 27 to 24.

Now a flip of the script…

Nancy Barge, Assistant Branch Manager II, 1st Mariner Bank
The New England Patriots Vs. The Carolina Panthers. Panthers over the Patriots 27 to 24.

Good luck!

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