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Through my experiences in the professional world I have personally watched people burn bridges…blow them up even. Listened to second and third-hand conversations around the watercooler regarding not the work but the “people”. What are interactions to you? Is the deal done after the multiple meetings, handshakes and paperwork? In essence no, the interactions with familiar colleagues, team members or new/old clients will linger whether they be good or bad. There is no greater marketing tool than “word-of-mouth”, we as business professionals are not solely marketing our products and services more importantly we market ourselves. You are your greatest asset and biggest liability. How we respond to each other in business and our daily lives can ensure future success. This got me thinking about a recent interaction.

While at the grocery store a few weekends ago I had the quintessential experience of the presumably “nerdy” kid (bag boy) vs. the presumably “popular-ermahgerd” girl(cashier). I watched what seemed like a quiet, shy and probably nice kid be completely ignored and mistreated with disgusted looks by the pretty and somewhat snotty girl who was the cashier. I was intentionally overly nice to him since his demeanor screamed “defeat” to me, her on the other hand I wanted to shake by the head. Basically what I was left with after the experience was this thought…”One day you might be in front of him for a job or pitching an idea…be kind prom-queen because he will remember”.

Be careful what bridges you burn. Treat people with respect even if they are not your favorite people, if they have different values or viewpoints…one day you may need them for a referral or help in securing a position. Every interaction leaves an impression, whether you are trying to close a billion dollar deal, pitching a small business idea or interviewing a new assistant. It’s great to land the big deals but if you lack integrity that blackness eeks out into the world and future business may not follow. In the words of Don Draper, “ You want some respect? Go out and get it for yourself”.


Also…It’s getting close to that time again. Our next blog will focus on our Super Bowl contest (and we have had winners). Send your picks to dader@ajconsultantsllc.com You must provide the two teams you believe will make it to the Super Bowl AND which one will win. In the event of tie, the tie breaker will be awarded to the person that picks the most correct final score of the Super Bowl. As always, the winner will get 2 tickets to see a regular season game of their choosing the following season!

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