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From a business prospective this year has gotten off to an interesting start. Some unexpected stumbles, some expected success. One of the things I have been proud of in 2016 and frankly over the last few years, is the intangible impact I have made on others. Listen I am not talking about neurosurgeon impact; I am not talking about Mother Teresa impact. I am talking about a different, but still valuable impact: The ability to enhance careers and companies by building trust, forming relationships that matter and using my experience to sometimes help others even if it will not benefit me. This is counter intuitive to how many in my world are wired and trained, including myself in some ways. However, I have learned the importance in looking at this job differently. From a human and business prospective my job goes beyond just filling key openings. For example…

  • Many bankers check in with me annually to discuss and prepare for their annual reviews. In most cases, I have not placed these people…yet. Maybe I never will.
  • I have helped many achieve greater professional and financial satisfaction within their current employers. Meaning I have counseled folks providing advice that leads them to not taking a job I am currently working on. Instead honing their skills, happiness and financial levels where they are.
  • I have helped some folks move through their recruitment process with banks that aren’t clients, and in some cases are even searches my competitors are working on. Have I taken the candidate from A to Z through the process…no. Sometimes I have been the one helping prepare them, because I know the players they are meeting or I have an idea on the culture and can answer key questions. It used to tick me the Hell off when a contact would call and say “Adam, I am looking at ABC bank for XYZ job and so and so is the headhunter representing me. I wanted to ask your thoughts on blah, blah, blah, because I value your opinion.” Now, I feel gratified when this happens, because I understand what this means.

These things I mentioned above are simply a few examples. I am not pointing them out to simply watch my cape wave in the wind. I am pointing them out, because these are the things that bring AJ Consultants great success. They form our reputation. They add to our culture and they bring in the money.

Yep, I don’t simply do the above to be a great guy. I like you (most of you) work for a for profit business. I like you, value a dollar from time to time. It’s no surprise to you how we here make a living. We get paid to identify and place talent with our clients. Making placements is our ultimate goal. There is no shame in saying that, through that process many other positive things should happen.

When I first started doing this way back when I had an all or nothing mentality, in fact I still do. Difference is now I realize sometimes what I thought was nothing is something. Something big. Trust, relationships and respect are keys. Keys to helping others, helping myself and growing professionally and financially.

Do I help every person? If I am being honest, no. I can’t. I am not an employment agency. Do I return every email or call within 24 hours? Again, nope. I can’t. However, what I can do is help when I can and make time to do so, because I believe in this process. A great recruiter is many things, one of which is a barometer for the market. The market is not just their client’s, not just their openings on their desk and certainly not just what leads them to a paycheck at the moment.

I guess my point is this, “Help me help you” and that will “Show me and you the money.”



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