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2016 Predictions

We are a few weeks late with our typical Annual Prediction entry, but thing’s here have been hectic to say the least . Without further ado let’s dive right in to the three things we here A J Consultants expect to see a good bit of in 2016.

  1. Picky hiring managers. Wait…even pickier hiring managers. The needle in the haystack search, will become the needle in the stack of haystacks search. The purple squirrel, will now be a flying purple squirrel with an amazing bloodline. The 15 years experience, but paid like a junior employee with upside potential candidate will now be…you get the point.

We can and will hold ourselves accountable for this prediction with our metrics. The reasons we believe this will be the case would take up too much ink on the page. So if you ever want to chat about this instead, you know where to find us.

  1. Increased mobile, electronic and system changes and conversions.

This one is fairly obvious, but in an industry known for being behind, set in its ways and not on the cutting edge of technology it is an obviously bold statement.

More banks are and will update key systems, tech, products and delivery etc. This will not just be due to M&A , but due to customer demand, efficiencies and the world we live in.

  1. Increased “healthy” bank M&A. Sure M&A has been hot (as we have predicted correctly the last few years and frankly should be obvious at this point, but more “healthy” banks have and will be getting together. Susquehanna, Bank of Georgetown, National Penn and countless others were not banks known to be under MAJOR stress, C&D’s etc. Yet, they agreed to be purchased.

Sure, some of the banks we see get scooped up this year will have skeletons in the closet , but some will be banks on the up and up. Some will be banks that surprise given not just their so-called “health” but size too.

As always , check back with us at the end of the year and we will either pat ourselves on the back (again) or take our medicine, but these are 3 key things we expect to see and see more of in 2016.


Speaking of predictions, with the Bronco’s defeat of the Carolina Panthers (breaking Adam Eckels heart) we had another NFL season come and go. No one won our Super Bowl contest for the 2015/2016 season. However, as many of you know, we did have a winner the year prior and Ray and a guest shared great seats for a game of their choice (see picture below featuring Ray LaFond and a guest). Start thinking about your predictions for next season, we would be thrilled to have another winner.


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