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During the course of my life I have been honored with the opportunity to know some fantastic leaders and a few who left a lot to be desired. The great leaders, those who seemed to be surrounded by relationship and financial success, had a confident humility about them. They believed they knew a lot, maybe more than most, but not everything. They also surrounded themselves with other leaders who could essentially help them grow in certain areas. This humility separates the good from the great in my eyes.

I spoke with a ‘C’ level hiring manager a few weeks ago who professionally said, ‘I know everyone in my market so I doubt I will need the help of a recruiter to fill these positions.’ Sadly, this isn’t the first time I heard this from a hiring manager and our recruiters servicing other markets hear this from time to time as well.

This blows my mind. Dazed and confused, I thought it might be time to share my thoughts on the matter.

First things first. Knowing someone’s name or meeting them once at a networking event or even working with them directly in the past doesn’t mean you know them as a candidate. Adam Eckels, the “A” in AJ Consultants often says, “I know who Jennifer Aniston is, but that doesn’t mean we’re dating”. While comical, it’s a great analogy. People often won’t share personal details about their career wants and needs with their closest co-worker, but they will with a recruiter. You may know someone, but it’s our goal to know them as a candidate and we often meet and exceed our goals. We pride ourselves at intentionally being in the right place at the right time.

While recruiting provides a comfortable living (this week), it’s not just a job to me or the recruiters at AJ Consultants. It’s a career and when we’re not on the phone calling candidates and clients, we dedicate our time to learning the minutia of recruiting and the subtle nuances of the targeted markets we service. Who’s growing and who’s dying? Is a recent merger or acquisition going to create problems or eliminate them and who will be affected? Etc. We live it and love it and dedicate our professional lives to interpreting this chaos. We know more than most when it comes to finding, acquiring, and retaining great talent. Time has proven our value to the clients we serve which is why we continue to grow as a result.

Having said that…

We, the masters of our domain, still don’t know everyone in our markets. We strive to, but we always fall short of our goal of ‘knowing everyone’. How is that possible? Because the talent pool, despite its shrinking status, will always be a living breathing juggernaut of change and confusion. Every talent isn’t at every networking event. Every talent isn’t on LinkedIn. Every talent isn’t listed on corporate websites, and talent always ALWAYS moves around. The talent economy is in a constant state of flux, so while you may think you know everyone today that will change tomorrow. I guarantee it.

Therefore, no one knows everyone. Not even those, like us, who dedicate their time to the cause. However, with the utmost confidence I can say we know more than most. Whether we are actively working on a search or not, we are ‘recruiting’ talent every day so when our clients honor us with a search we know who to call. The value of a great recruiter is centered in the heart of this truth…we know these talents as ‘candidates’. So, the next time you need a great talent and you have no time to waste qualifying the people you think you know, please consider calling a great recruiter like those at AJ Consultants. Chances are, we’ve already invested our time so you don’t have to and you’ll be “dating” Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt before you know it!

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