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I started working at A J Consultants in April of 2012. I did not yet know the recruiting business or the banking business. I picked it up pretty quickly and love what I do. Most of my job here is to research, primarily finding potential candidates who fit open jobs. Just as I have watched my job grow and change, (I still mainly research, but I also do other things, like write for this blog for instance), I have seen the need for jobs change, especially during this last quarter.

When I first started working here, the majority of what I was searching for were commercially driven positions. Over the past few months I have noticed a dramatic change. Yes, banks still need and use our services to find quality lenders and credit experts, but they are also asking us to fill many unique jobs as of late. For instance, in the past quarter, we have worked on the following positions:

– IT Specialists
– Loan Servicing
– Call Center Manager
– General Counsel (for a banking institution)
– Loan Operations positions
– Director of Consumer Lending
– Mobile Banking experts


You may think to yourself that it sounds overwhelming to go from searching for mostly the same type of person all the time to an array of different people. The truth is, I enjoy my job, but of course, like any job, it can get monotonous especially when you get comfortable and confident in what you are doing. I really love the challenge of helping to fill these new types of positions. It helps me to learn more about the industry and just shakes things up.
As to why there has been this change and uptick of new jobs being available, I have limited insight as I am not a recruiter. I can of course speculate that the IT and mobile banking positions are in demand because of the obvious change we have seen in the past few years of banks moving towards technology… As for the other positions, I’m going to let my bosses/ owners of the company field that one.

I feel it comes down to a few things. One would be the improvement of the market. Banks are not only hiring more people, but hiring in a variety of spots and not only willing to, but wanting to farm those searches out for numerous reasons.” Adam Eckels, Co-Owner at A J Consultants said. “Not only that, but I feel over the years our clients understand what we are capable of from a search prospective. They realize we do more than just place Chief Lending Officers and Portfolio Managers. Our connections go beyond that.”

John Morris, Co-Owner of AJ Consultants also weighed in. “Outside of mergers & acquisitions, turnover in these types of positions is not as high as lenders etc. Supporting that, there are typically only 1 or 2 of these positions within a bank. What we are seeing now is that banks have neglected succession planning. Therefore, when people retire or move on for another opportunity, the bank does not have a person to take over the role thus sparking the need to fill from the outside.”


Things are changing a bit around here and in the market. They always are in banking and in recruiting. 🙂


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