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Every day people ask me, “How are you seeing things out there?” Bottom line, the first half of this year has been nuts!

It’s busy here, it’s busy out there, frankly it seems busy almost everywhere. It’s a damn good problem to have. It’s a problem we can see evidence of other industries having too.

For example, a couple of people on our team are having work done on their homes. Finding a contractor who has availability has been a nightmare. A couple of years ago, you told those same contractors “I have money I want to give you and I need work done,” and they would have been lining up, not hiding.

I digress though, this isn’t a spot about how busy it is or general contractors, it’s a spot about some trends I have noticed thus far while navigating the Wild West of recruiting circa 2015. In no particular order…

The hiring process has quickened.

The bank hiring process can sometimes be absurdly slow. In years past the interview process had the urgency of 20 inning Major League Baseball game. Not typically the case thus far in 2015. This year’s clients have understood that the stakes are high, candidates have options, and timing is of the essence. No more 5+ conversations over the series of months. Well, at least not as much as we used to see it anyway.

Longtime employees are moving.

Some of our placements this year have involved moving candidates with 10 to 20 years experience with the same bank to a new bank. This is abnormal for a few reasons.
1.) The typical employee does not stay anywhere, let alone a bank, for 10 to 20 years anymore.

2.) These longtime employees don’t typically jump easily.

Candidates are realizing a few things. In some cases they need a change. In some cases they have watched their bank change and therefore it’s not the experience they worked so long and hard for. In some cases, these employees realize that their loyalty is not being reciprocated by their employer. In most cases it’s a mixture of the above.
LinkedIn, corporate America’s new place for tired quotes.

I love LinkedIn, it really blows my hair back, but some days it feels like nothing more than pictures of lions with quotes about hard work and leadership attached. That has increased a good bit this year. I like lions as much as the next red blooded American, but if folks were great leaders or hard workers…they probably wouldn’t have time to post 2 Lion picture/quotes a week. It reminds me of a slightly more adult version of that picture that dawned many elementary school walls. You know the one…it said “Hang in there” and had a picture of a kitten hanging on to a tree branch.

While I am on this rant, I want to lump other picture/quotes into the equation. In general LinkedIn has become fertile ground for pictures of dynamic business, sports and celebrity talent, with quotes attached. Sometimes the quotes do not even belong to who they are attributed to or they are ones that have been cribbed (JJ Watt).

Big bank bankers moving to smaller institutions.

Tony Pica from Capital One to Capital Bank. Lindsey Rheaume from JPMorgan to Eagle. Jerri Fellerman from Wells Fargo to Eagle. Joann Tobin from Bank of America to Cardinal. The list goes on.

Well there you have it…some stuff I have noticed from my world thus far in 2015. Have a great rest of the year and summer.

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