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We’re recruiters and deals are our game. However, sometimes hires fall through. The reasons are varied and sometimes complicated. Here are the top reasons why a candidate declines an offer.


1. Money- Ah. Money. The thing that makes the world go round. Yes of course we have to talk about the obvious first. It is essential that money expectations are clear throughout the hiring process, but sometimes the deal can fall through even with the best management of this topic. Candidates change their mind about what they believe they deserve, hiring authorities come in with a number lower than we were thinking, plus about a thousand other reasons money can ruin a deal.

2. Benefits- Sometimes an employer just cannot offer benefits, such as health insurance, 401K, stock options etc., which measure up to what the candidate already has or believes they deserve.

3. Vacation time can also be a deal killer. Companies are usually very regulated about what they can offer in terms of paid time off, and sometimes it does not come close enough to what the person is receiving in their current position.

4. Counter Offer- The dreaded word for a recruiter. People choose to stay with their current employer because when they resign they are offered more money, incentives, etc to stay. We have discussed in length before why counter-offers are almost always a bad idea, so I won’t get into it now.

5. Miscommunication about the job. Either the recruiter has not explained the job correctly to their candidate, or the hiring manager has not explained the job correctly to the recruiter, or something in-between.

6. All of a sudden the hiring bank is up for sale or merging with another bank and chaos ensues.

7. The hiring manager takes a new job. This usually ends things pretty quickly for obvious reasons.

8. Sometimes people get too comfortable during the hiring process, especially if there have been multiple interviews. This goes for candidates and clients alike. Sometimes things can seem golden– the hire is inevitable. Everyone gets along great, but then they get too comfortable. Perhaps someone drinks too much during a meet-up at a restaurant, or brings food into an interview, or the hiring manager takes a call during the meeting, or a new hire gives their new boss a not-so-nice hand gesture, (this last one has happened to us before, we’re obviously not proud of this one…) The bottom line is, both parties need to remain professional throughout the entire hiring process.

9. Commute. It depends on the person how much commute comes into play when accepting a new job.

10. Personal Issues like health problems, whether personally or those of a family member, an unexpected death, an injury… Unexpected things come up in life.


Like in any business, things do not always go according to plan. As recruiters, our main defense against deals falling through is making sure that both parties are on the same page from the first conversation. However, we are in the business of people, and people can be unpredictable.

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