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We present to you our 2015 predictions:

1) There will be more counter-offers in 2015. We saw an increase of them toward the end of last year and even had some candidates almost fall for them already this year. It’s competitive out there. Banks are competing over the same loans, deposits and people. When things improve, the market bares some counter activity. We will not discuss the merits, pitfalls, positives or negatives of giving, receiving or considering a counter here, simply just stating they will increase.

2) Overall, we will continue to see a decrease in traditional bank branches. However, electronic banking kiosk type branches will increase. This falls in line with the mobile and electronic banking focus. For example, Apple Pay and other mobile paying apps, the ability to video conference, and other new technologies will account for a portion of why this will happen.

Another reason for this scale back will be consolidation, M&A activity and regulations obviously.

3) Another shift from “tradition,” also has to do with branches and how they operate. While it used to be normal to give away a free gift such as a blender or a beach towel as incentive to open a new account or encourage a friend to, some banks are increasingly offering money, some even on a monthly basis, to use their branch services. Banks are essentially paying customers to use their services. Many banks are also instituting “universal bankers,” branch employees who can do many jobs. Basically, branches will continue to change in 2015 and beyond.

4) The return of some key positions that have been on the decline:
Say “welcome back” to SBA and Deposit sales positions in 2015. Sure, both of these roles have existed over the last few years, but both of them have begun to have major trends upward over the last few quarters. That should continue.
Many banks are chasing commercial and affluent deposits through deposit RM’s or sales people. They are doing this without leading with or even worrying about the loan. To some groups this is nothing new and to other banks it’s revolutionary.
Additionally, SBA positions, departments, and needs are sprouting up with many of our clients. From community banks to money centers. Many banks are looking for ways to develop new business as opposed to just battling over the same stuff (all though it feels like that’s all that is happening).

P.S. Ray Lafond, SVP of Commercial Lending at Enterprise Bank & Trust is the last man standing when it comes to our Super Bowl prediction contest. (Patriots vs. Seahawks with the Patriots winning.) Good luck!


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