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The heads of our firm collectively have 30 years of experience in the recruiting world. The tales you are about to read are rare, and hilarious. Here are some of the craziest interview experiences our recruiters have dealt with in their careers.


1. One candidate thought that the key to winning over his interview audience was to say that he was a lion. He said that he was ferocious, meaning that he was a go-getter, but that he was also nurturing like a mother lion is with her cubs. His nurturing quality would help him relate to customers. He referred to himself as a hybrid, just like the lion: the king of the animal world. The lion thing was the majority of what he talked about. He even followed up after the interview with a thank you note jabbering on and on about lions.

2. During a final interview, we had a seemingly perfect candidate get cut. Why, you ask? Well let’s just say that he made a not-so-nice hand gesture to his potential boss. (One finger, one message.) But, you know, he said he didn’t understand the big deal because he was “just kidding”.

3. Someone had the audacity to take a sandwich into their job interview with the CEO and even set it down on his desk… This is a little more bizarre and rude than pulling your cell phone out during an interview, or reeking of cigarettes. (Which you should also never do.)

4. A great interview was ruined when the interviewee decided to take matters into his own hands. He was asked to come back for a second interview with the CEO of the company. I guess he thought to himself, ‘why wait?’, and proceeded to barge into the CEO’s office to introduce himself. Yeah, following protocol, not important at all.

5. We’ve had a few wardrobe disasters cost people jobs, including one woman who wore hip hugger jeans and a tank top, and a guy who wore a bright yellow leisure suit with sneakers. The best part? Leisure suit guy was checking out how great he looked in the windows outside of his potential new work place. You know, seeing if he had anything in his teeth, pulling his best interview faces… The problem was that the windows he was using to see his reflection looked directly into the hiring manager’s office.

6. This ties into the previous point about clothing choice. One gentleman brought his best suit with him on the plane to his interview, yet when he was picked up from the airport by BANK EXECUTIVES he was wearing board shorts and flip flops. Note: This was not a 10 hour flight, it was about an hour and a half at most. He was all locked and loaded to be hired and lost the job, and this was the major reason why. You are a potential representative of the bank, so first impressions go a long way.

7. One person brought a date to his final interview in which an offer was to be presented, at the fanciest most expensive restaurant in town. Without even asking. That’s normal, right?


So there you have it. As I said, these people are the exception, not the rule, the 1% of people who really need some intense coaching in common sense. We hope this made you smile!

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