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Working with a recruiter has many benefits both for the employer and job seeker. However, a bad recruiter brings little or no benefit to the process and can give all of us a bad name. Here are some examples/ signs that you are working with a bad recruiter.

1. Some recruiters will get a candidate’s resume and then proceed to submit it everywhere. A good recruiter will always get permission to submit you to a specific company. This is important because as a candidate you should have control over where your resume is going. A client once told us that another recruiter actually sent a former employee’s resume to them. What’s worse? The person had just quit that company 3 months prior. If the recruiter had communicated with the candidate better this could have been avoided.

2. Not only do some recruiters send resumes without permission, they submit people for jobs that they simply don’t have the qualifications for. Bad recruiters believe in quantity over quality, hence why they send a bunch of resumes for a position. Clients often tell us about situations in which another recruiter has sent them resumes of people and they cannot figure out why. This kind of thinking (throwing stuff on the wall and seeing if it sticks) wastes the client’s and the candidate’s time. Good recruiters believe in sending the RIGHT people to their clients. I mean think about it. A company wouldn’t need to hire a recruiter if there were 40 perfect fits for the position. They would have found them on their own. A good recruiter is careful to only submit candidates who they truly feel are good fits.

3. Not returning phone calls. Nothing is more frustrating than going through the interview process and then not hearing back from the recruiter you are working with. This goes for both candidates and clients. This can happen with good news or bad news. Bad recruiters get into a pattern of behavior and only call when it means immediate money for them. A good recruiter will get back to you no matter the outcome. Now recruiters are people too and even the best recruiter may miss a call. The real litmus test is when you reach out to the recruiter repeatedly and they do not respond.

4. On that same note, some recruiters talk too much, meaning that they do not keep your information confidential. They gossip with others about who is looking to make a move and about job searches that were meant to be confidential. Obviously trust between a recruiter and their client/ candidate is important and necessary for success.

5. Perhaps the biggest offenders are “recruiters” who do not build a relationship with the client/ candidate. Having a rapport and getting to know the people you are working with is vital. Recruiters need to know you so that they know what position(s) you will be right for/ be interested in. For example, if a commercial lender is a mother of four and currently lives five minutes from her job, most likely she will not be interested in a position that is an hour away. This knowledge saves time and shows a recruiter’s credibility.

6. Recruiters who only use the internet to look for and contact people. This goes along with the previous point about building a relationship. Putting a voice to a name makes a huge difference, and at our firm we believe that psychically picking up the phone and talking is one of, if not the most, important part of building a successful relationship.

7. Some recruiters do not do any cold calling. They search Monster and other job sites and only focus on people who are actively looking for a job. Good recruiters know that passive candidates are just as important to target. In fact, most of the placements we make each year are passive candidates.

8. Recruiters who do not share market intelligence with their clients and candidates. A good recruiter is a good source of information when it comes to letting you know where you or your company stands in the grand scheme of things. If a recruiter does not share market information it is very likely that they are simply uneducated about the market they work in. Not a good sign of their commitment to recruiting.

9. Side-job recruiters: People who randomly pop up and occasionally work on positions. They use recruiting almost as a hobby. Now hobbies and side jobs are fine for some jobs, but finding someone a job is not like remodeling a bathroom or painting a house. You want your recruiter to be dedicated to a career of recruiting and to have the expertise to fulfill your needs.

10. Flat-out lying to get a person interested in a position. A bad recruiter will lie about everything; from compensation, to potential for leadership when there is none, etc. just to get an interview set up. This is simply unintelligent, and again, a waste of everybody’s time.

So there you have it. Look out for these signs of a bad recruiter and if you’d like to discuss them further, give us a call!
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