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1) Wasting too much time trying to find the best candidate. By the time you search through everyone, the best candidates are already interviewing elsewhere. Hiring Managers can also take too much time during the hiring process, causing candidates to become weary. This can cause candidates to think that this slow process is indicative of the bank’s protocol and that it will be hard for them to get things done if hired.

We can help by managing expectations, keeping the process moving, and alerting hiring managers if this becomes an issue.


2) Being unprofessional during job interviews, such as taking phone calls, other people walking in and interrupting the conversation and being distracted/ seeming disinterested in the other person.

We can help by…

Just Don’t Do It.


3) Negotiation skills. Lately, we’ve been running into two extremes. In some cases, banks want to offer lateral moves to people, offering the same, about the same, or even less money than they are making now. On the other hand, some hiring managers tell the candidate that they will do “whatever it takes” to get them to accept the job offer. This can also put a standstill on things. When you essentially write someone a blank check, things become convoluted easily.

We can help by managing the candidate’s expectations. You may be willing to “do whatever it takes,” however, we’ve had candidates think they can get 20-30% raises, which typically goes above “whatever it takes.” Conversely, some candidates are willing to take a step backwards, or move laterally, but knowing this up front is imperative. Either way, it’s about expectations and managing them appropriately.


Don’t worry candidates, your turn is coming. Dun Dun Dun.

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