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2014 Predictions

1.  A few key banks will look to have more complete footprints. There are a lot of banks in PA, MD, DC, and WV that have begun to dabble in each other’s markets…some have even planted flags.  Some of those flags are far apart, leaving key markets in between wide open. That has outsiders saying “what are they thinking?” What they are thinking is that the pie crust has been made, now it’s time to fill the damn thing in with some banking goodness. Expect some banks (we don’t have to name names do we?) to fill in the pie.


2.  There will be more M&A activity among banks.  This won’t be isolated to failing banks this year.  We will see healthy banks looking to grow as well as smaller banks feeling the need to help defend against the sky rocketing regulatory and compliance costs.  Also, there is still not the organic new business growth, from our economy, that is needed for banks to grow so they will look to acquire other banks as a means to increase asset size.  


3.  Tech Banking will continue its comeback. In 2013, Tech Banking, specifically Tech Lending began its reemergence in the Mid Atlantic and North East (out West it never really stopped). In 2014, expect to see more of it. Trust us, we have a hunch 🙂

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