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We want everything instantly. We don’t want it later. We want it now.  Apparently even getting mail 6 days out of the week isn’t enough anymore.   Amazon has teamed up with the USPS and has made it possible to receive Sunday deliveries.  Stores do not advertise Thanksgiving sales after Halloween, they jump right to Christmas.  We can’t even wait for Black Friday to do our shopping.  Now the sales start either on or even before Thanksgiving.  Many people are outraged and are boycotting shopping on Thanksgiving Day due to the belief that everyone should have Thanksgiving off and it is not fair to the store employees.  This type of now and always available mentality could be hurtful to society and each of us as individuals.

We all know that a person’s career is a huge part of their life and identity.  It is extremely important.  It is wonderful that because of technology many people are now able to be available to their employers even after hours. However, we all know how it is to feel “burnt out” at work.  We have to remember that we are humans, not machines and that our bodies require certain things to function well.  We cannot perform our best at work if say, we skip lunch in order to get a project done early, or we stay up too late catching up on emails.  Sometimes there are circumstances when our work merits the occasional skipping of a break or staying up, but it should not be an everyday occurrence.  If we really want to do our best work we need to take breaks from work, including vacations.  By all means, when you’re at work, WORK, but take breaks and vacations and enjoy them.  Turn off your cell phone sometimes.  Focus on your friends and family.  Take time to sleep in.  When you take time away from work, it allows you to be more focused and get more accomplished when you are at work.

I’m not a fan of the way society seems to be heading.  It appears that we do not take time to enjoy what is right in front of us and are always thinking about what is coming up next, i.e. skipping Thanksgiving and going right to listening to holiday music.  I was in my local Rite-Aid yesterday, on November 11th, and Christmas music was playing, and I bet it has been playing since the day after Halloween.  I love the holiday season.  I even buy into it being “the best time of year.” I’m chock full of holiday cheer, but not yet.  I believe that we as a society need to take a metaphorical deep breath and rethink this rushing through life mentality.  Don’t ruin the journey by focusing on the destination.

But hey, maybe I’m completely wrong.  If you think so, let me know!

Let’s Talk! —- Rachael

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