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The days are shorter, the nights are cooler, the school buses are out and these types of signals mean one thing…football is back baby. The impending fantastic fiesta of football madness has caused me to hijack this week’s blog from Rachael and make a few bold comparisons between things I see in the recruiting world that tie nicely into America’s favorite sport.

1.   Optimism. I see it in recruiting. I see it in football fandom and it always makes me chuckle. In fact, sometimes I even get caught up in it. The last four years I picked my Carolina Panthers to have a winning season…how did that work out? Sky is the limit for the fans of 32 teams this time of year. From the typical fans point of view, everyone is going to the playoffs. Everyone’s looking at schedule saying “we got this one, this one will be tough but if this happens we got that too…” It’s a beautiful thing.

I see it in recruiting too. Just not as wide spread and typically from someone at the beginning or end of the year or maybe after a nice quarter. What once was miserable…now is not only bearable, but looking good. The future is so bright, the banker has to wear shades…maybe rose colored ones.

2.   Pessimism. Just as optimism, I see it in both, makes me laugh. Usually this one takes a while to settle in. You do not usually see it in preseason or training camp, but a game or two in. It’s very real. I can’t tell you how many purple and proud Raven’s fans last year throughout the regular season told me that the eventual Super Bowl Champion team stunk. Really, because I would run into traffic to have my boys stink that bad. The year prior, about 75% into the season how many people in NYC wanted Coach Coughlin fired? By years end he was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy…again…after people doubted him…again.

You hear things like “this guy is a bum,” “This coach is done…” the sky is falling.

I see this in my world too. Some folks are always happy. Some blindly so. Some are always unhappy. Everything sucks, the world is against them and they can not succeed because of …well fill in the blank with whatever, because it does not matter.

3.   The key to success is planning.

Whether you are invading a country, taking the business banking segment by storm, purchasing a failed bank or drafting for your football team…planning is key.

Typically the General Manager and team ownership that has a plan wins in real football. Don’t believe me? Ask the Ravens, Giants, Steelers and Patriots.  What about San Fran as of late too? Teams that are usually in the big dance or in hunt. Then look at the teams head brass. Get it. Good. Same is true in the tumultuous world of fantasy football. Just with a little more luck built in. Althoughthere is luck in the real game too.

This same rule of thumb: Good leadership breeds good resultsapplies in my world. The banks that have great leadership from the board to the executive team typically make good calls. I do not think I need to point out specific examples…after all I have a job to do J

Well folks, that’s it. I may have reached a bit, but damn it I reach for a living. Until next time…good luck this season and see you in the Super Bowl!

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David Ortiz, DH for The Boston Red Sox, was the lead story on ESPN over the weekend, not because his team won, (which they did), but because of an outburst in which he demolished a telephone using his baseball bat, almost hitting another teammate. Now, I’ll admit, watching this man have a temper tantrum is highly amusing, (seriously check out the video for a laugh), but he’s lucky enough to be in a position to get away with it. If one of us ‘normal’ folks had an episode like Ortiz did at our workplace, we would probably be fired. Ortiz is not even being suspended for his indiscretion.

For 99% of the population who are not celebrities/athletes, etc, keeping emotions in check while at work is extremely important. Stories tend to stay with people, and if a story shows you in a bad light, not only does the story usually get embellished, it also becomes the first thing people associate with you. The banking community tends to be a tight one. People know each other and of each other. This is true in almost every industry. Through our experience as recruiters, we know that a person’s reputation can most certainly precede them.

What I’m saying is this. The next time you are a little miffed at work, sit down, relax, grab a coffee. Don’t pull an Ortiz and start destroying property, but more importantly, don’t destroy work relationships and your good name in the heat of the moment.

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