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We all make mistakes. In relationships, in the choices we make, in life in general.  One of the biggest mistakes we come across in our field are people who do not protect their reputation.   Protecting your reputation, especially when it comes to your professional career, is key to success.

Celebrities are constantly being scrutinized.  Lately Amanda Bynes has been in the spotlight of controversy in the media.  If you’re not familiar with Bynes, she is most famous for her career in the ‘90s as a Nickelodeon child star.  We haven’t heard much about her since, until her recent run-ins with the law and her outlandish behavior.  Many people believe that she needs mental help, while another group of people believe she is acting out on purpose just to become famous again, some would say she is following the notion that ‘no publicity is bad publicity’.  Either way, she is certainly getting a reputation of a child star gone bad. The fact of the matter is, Amanda Bynes will probably at some point go to rehab, or apologize for her behavior, or something and all will be forgiven because she is famous.  Unfortunately most of us do not have this luxury.  We live in the real world and when a person ruins their name in regards to their career, it is difficult at best to restore it.

Having a good reputation is based on many factors and I can only really give you some pointers on what not to do when it comes to working with recruiters and employers.

When talking to anyone, (your peers, boss, headhunter, human resources, etc.), it is important to be honest about your experience and abilities.   There is certainly a difference between people who put the work and time in and talk about accomplishments versus people who talk themselves up, and are not honest about their abilities.  A good recruiter can evaluate where you are in your career and help you to decide whether you will be right for a particular job.  If you base a relationship with a boss or recruiter on lies, the chances of you being successful within the job you are placed into are slim to none.

When one of our candidates accepts an offer, we talk to them extensively about counter-offers.  We stress the fact that your current employer pretty much bribing you to stay is not a sign of them changing their ways.  If you are unhappy with your current job, money is not going to be the Band-Aid to fix it.  Plus, if your employer has the means to pay you more, why have they not offered you more money BEFORE you told them that you are resigning?  We tend to stay away from potential candidates who are known for seeking counter-offers.

Moving from job to job too regularly is another red flag recruiters and employers alike look for. (Unless you’re a workout person 🙂  )   Some employers will not even consider talking to a candidate if they have too much job movement.

Unless you’re in the rich and famous celebrities’ club, growing within a career is all about stepping stones.  You may not be ready for a chief level position, but that does not mean that your skills and experiences do not qualify you to move up in title; and eventually over time you will be the right fit for your ideal position.  Just be careful on your way there. Protect your reputation, learn your craft, and employers and recruiters will be chasing after you.

Thanks for reading and Let’s Talk! – Rachael

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