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Timing is key. Look around you and you will see evidence of this everywhere. In fact, you need to look no further than the NFL and the draft.


Ask Matt Barkley, former USC Quarterback what he thinks of timing right now. Probably not a fan. He fell from a projected top 10 pick to the 4th round and 98th overall before being selected by the Eagles on Saturday. Allbecause he decided to roll the dice and not enter the draft a year prior. He wanted to stay at USC for one more year.  He felt that opportunity would wait.  It did and it kicked him in the tail. An injury, poor record, poor showing and more tape on his skills later, he loses money, prestige and a bit of face.


Ask Chip Kelly, the Eagles’ new coach, who left Oregon for a shot at the NFL this past winter. Oddly, he left right before his school was about to get smacked with some possible punishments for violations. Wonder what he thinks of timing? Probably thinks being that he will walk away without punishment, the timing could not be better J Oops, went off on a tangent, back to the draft.


Ask RGIII who was the number two pick in 2012’s draft (and deservedly so).  Probably a big fan of timing, being that the year prior a QB named Cam Newton, coming out of school with so-called similar skills and from a similar system thrived in NFL. Then ask him about the timing of his season ending injury last year. Probably not a fan of the timing there.


Back to the negative, you can ask Jadeveon Clowney who do to NCAA rules, was forced to watch the draft and not participate in it, about timing. He would have been far and away the number one overall pick this year. Next year, maybe, maybe not. Who knows?


Time is undefeated. It never waivers, never loses. Its stats are ridiculous.  It’s important to follow the trends of timing. As Robin Williams character says so often in the fantastic Peter Weir film, Dead Poets Society, “Carpe Deim.”


Be it that job you were offered, that interview you are considering going on, that obstacle in your personal life you may or may not tackle, consider the timing. Take it seriously and possibly…take the chance.

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A great David Bowie song, and a fact of life for us all.  Whether you are a ‘go with the flow’ type of a person, or more like me, and you try to avoid change at all costs, life is constantly moving and morphing.  One example of a major life change for everyone is the day you move into your own place.  I remember that day vividly.  Back story time:  My parents and one year old Rachael (me) moved into our house.  I grew up there and it was the only home I had known from the time I was a baby. I did the college thing, but I also did the commuter thing.  Therefore, I had never done the moving thing.  I’ve always been really close to my parents.  When we would go to my grandmother’s and all of the other kids would go watch TV in the other room, I would sit with the grownups.  I didn’t do this just because I was shy, I was simply more interested in what the older people were talking about.  So… in short, I have awesome parents, and it was hard for me to move out of my house.  It was the end of a chapter of my life, blah blah blah… But the other part about moving that annoyed me to no end, most everyone has been through before:  the packing, the unloading, (up and down 2 flights of stairs), the unpacking, the building of furniture, the cleaning, the getting used to new neighbors…you get the idea.  My point is simple:  Change is hard.  It’s hard to move any aspect of your life, whether it be to a different house, or to a different job. But, change is also exciting.  And change always has its benefits.  Maybe you are unhappy with your job. Or maybe you just feel like you could be, or want to be doing something different.  So my second point is, don’t close yourself off to the possibility of change just because it isn’t easy, or because you’re nervous about it, or because you just tend to avoid it. Almost everyone will spend 40+ hours a week working until retirement age.  In my opinion, being at the right job, or at least putting yourself on track to the right career path, should be a priority.  I also believe that the quality of a job should be measured by a variety of aspects; not just by how much money you make, or how many vacation days you get, but by how you feel about the work you’re doing.  You should feel accomplished at the end of the day. And you shouldn’t be dreading the start of the work week for the rest of your days.  (I know the weekend rules, I’m not disputing that.)  I’m simply hoping to inspire you to truly think about your life and ask yourself if there is anything about it that you would like to change.  (Now, I sound like I’m on an old Richard Simmons commercial) But, seriously, my internet friends, open up to change; in your personal life, your social life, and your work life.  I’m not saying you should change your entire life in one day, or do something drastic without thinking it through.  I merely suggest you open yourself up to the possibility of it.

Thanks for reading, and Let’s Talk! – Rachael

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