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Loyalty is a word I hear often. Probably something I stumble upon daily. If not that exact word, a form of it. It is something I understand completely. In work, personal relationships, having support for your team…whatever. However, blind loyalty or loyalty for the sake of being loyal, can get you into big trouble with your career. There are a few glaring examples of this concept in something going on right now, NFL Free Agency.


Over the last week an aging star receiver that helped catapult his team through an unlikely Super Bowl run and help his QB earn a nice fat raise, was not only shown the door, but was traded to the team that they just defeated in the big game. I am of course talking about Anquan Boldin.


Elsewhere in the league, Tom Brady, one of the biggest names in the sporting world, restructured his contract and took a pay cut. He did it in hopes that the team would improve the roster, something that from an offensive standpoint, they rarely do. The team rewarded him by letting his favorite receiver walk. They not only let him walk, but let him walk to a top competitor, Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos. This decision was over 1 million bucks a year. A lot to everyone else, but nothing to the NFL.


These are just two examples of where NFL teams did nothing wrong. They are businesses and did what they felt was in their businesses’ best long-term interests. However, in the process, both these teams got slightly worse, and their competitors a good deal better. Shrewd moves for all involved.


Remember, loyalty is fantastic, especially when it’s aimed at your children, significant other and even occasionally at the workplace too. Just remember, the person or inanimate object (a company) on the other end should be reciprocating that. Otherwise you might be left wondering…“what the heck was I thinking?”

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We’re officially into March and I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to spring weather.  (Fingers crossed that this week’s snow storm is the last of the season).  Sunny, breezy days, flowers blooming, butterflies, birds singing… okay, I’m getting a bit sappy here, but you get the picture.  This time of year is all about rejuvenation.  So, I pose a question to you. Do you need to reevaluate or reaffirm?  Are you happy with your position, or do you want to examine other opportunities?  Or maybe you just need to poke your head out of the snow, feel the sun, and recommit yourself.  Choices define who we are, our career path, our social life, how we view ourselves.  I view spring as a time to take a step back and look at the world around me.  Being aware of the changing banking market not only makes you an educated person, it may sway your career and professional decisions in one direction or another.  Being aware is always helpful, especially when making important choices.

Happy Spring, thanks for reading, and Let’s Talk! – Rachael

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