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Twas the holiday season, and all through the office

Everyone was busy, on the phone, on the net

The phone was ringing and ringing

The conversations were a plenty


The banks were still calling

In need of some consulting

A.J. was happy to help

To network and to find the right candidate


As you can tell from my little poem of sorts, things here at the office have been BUSY.  While it may be typical for business to slow down a bit during this time of year, that is certainly not the case at A.J. Consultants.  In fact, business has picked up significantly in the past few months leading up to this holiday season.  We have gained many new clients, and have received many new job orders from our current clients.  These open positions range from portfolio managers, credit officers, commercial lenders, wealth managers, and even a handful of C-level positions.  Our clients need these jobs filled yesterday, they are in high demand, which is exciting for any time of year, especially this close to the end.  Why the uptick in demand and open positions?  We can’t really answer that question definitively, but the trend is across the board, from small community banks to national money centers.  Perhaps there is some holiday magic in the air! Whatever the case may be, we are certainly happy about it. 

Thanks for reading, and Let’s Talk! – Rachael


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